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Health And Safety Policy

Benken Hygiene Services Ltd recognizes that the management of health and safety matters at work is integral to the success and prosperity of its business activities. We are committed to conducting our activities in a transparent, honest and open environment respecting human rights. Our company will comply with all applicable laws, regulations, codes of practice and directives.

It is the policy of our company to ensure continuous improvement at every level of management and the safety of all well being of workers, clients and visitors assured. It is our policy to promote health promotions, maintain a high level of production and quality in such a way that work will not constitute a risk to workers. The management supports this policy unequivocally and undertakes to manage resources allocation, recruitment and selection and assignment of responsibilities accordingly.

Our company is guided by the following principles.

- Employees are our company’s important resource. We will foster team work, confidentiality and ethics to ensure a safe health work place.

- In consultation with employees, we will make our premises and equipment safe as reasonably practical to ensure a health injury free work place.

- Health and safety consideration will be incorporated into all phases of business including training and education, work organization, risk assessment and management, facility design, maintenance and products delivery.

- Emergency procedures, including emergency evaluation and treatment procedures will be developed and reviewed with the assistance of competent personnel and in cooperation of local authorities.

- We will regularly assess, implement and verify compliance with the healthy and safety measures.

This policy shall be reviewed at regular intervals.


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